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A world where oceans and people thrive through restoration and conservation of at risk marine megafauna by collaboration with multiple stakeholders.



To facilitate marine conservation interventions through collaborative work.


How we do this: Working with research groups, nonprofits, communities, NGOs and governments to facilitate conservation and management of threatened marine megafauna species. This includes conducting research, supporting decision-making and enabling conservation action. Our work is centred on charismatic marine species such as sharks and rays, that serve as umbrella species to the wider marine environment.



MARECO was born out of the covid-19 pandemic. The world was brought to a halt, and in the conservation sector it became apparent how some systems failed. Conventional operations did not work anymore, and it was highlighted that when in need, people come together to create positive change if they are allowed to. In MARECO we envision an egalitarian world where people work together towards a common goal: thriving Oceans. We strive to bring people together from all walks of life. Only by effectively doing so can we succeed in what will be the biggest challenge of our age: saving planet Earth. Our expertise is centred on marine megafauna science and conservation. We believe umbrella species can successfully bring about positive change for ocean conservation and that’s why we work with species like whale sharks and rays.




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